My first blog(11th May , 2021)

Hey there I am Shivam Sharma I am just trying to start my daily blogs. So can can you please help by reading it and if you can please share it too..

So here we start as every other person is the world we spent one more day wondering when we are going to get rid of this virus. while thinking of that I got to know our pet named thunder a cute dog is facing issue with health. I seriously got worried about her as on the first place it was my idea to get a pet. so we started to check if any of the vet clinic is open around us and by luck we got a animal hospital in our open where we can visit to get her checked. As my father was not well and felling low. I asked to my uncle to come with me to get her checked and they were ready to go with me but as I was geting the car out to take her, they decided to take her by bike it seems wired but actually did that. the big deal is we did fine back with her .

So as we are talking we took her to the Doctor(VET) and get to know she is facing the skin infection as her shin is much more sensitive to dirt than any other dogs. After the discussion is done she was injected with the proper medicine she needs and we were asked to visit for 3 more days for proper cure of the issue. and so we set back to home.

But as every other older brother in house I was set on another work that to go and buy grocery and ang ask me I really don’t even like it a bit but ok we have to do as when I tried to put that on my younger brother he literally made a excuse that he is having a class(some how it was true) so I have to adjust and have to go and as the outcome the buying process destroyed my whole time. After I done all that and getting back home I was literally done for the day because at the time I came back it was already 6 in the evening so here it ends the another day with all safe and wishing all those who are out there be safe as this pandemic is increasing in our country more and more day by day.

If you really made this far please follow , like and share my page as its the begging of my efforts please show some love and support not as an stranger just as your dear friend. Also if anything seem incorrect do feel free to let me know in the comments below Thank you Stay safe And Stay Healthy.



A boy with many dreams to complet

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